What I’m excited about

This needs no introduction nor explanation. It’s QT and it’s coming at you hombre.

This just looks so much like my kind of movie and first word from the Toronto Film Festival is good, very good, and so we wait.

Go watch In Bruges. Then get excited for this, because I think it’ll be next level.

Here’s a wildcard entry. Here’s what Jesse Eisenberg and Tracy Morgan are up to.

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the greats of our time and he almost never gets it wrong. And then there’s Philip Seymour Hoffman and a return from Joaquin Phoenix, if you had your doubts.

Baz and Leo team up again. And Carey Mulligan is just great in everything.

Chills, all over. And now I want to watch LA Confidential again.

What’s that? A sort-of-sequel to Knocked Up? I fell in love with Leslie Mann in that movie and I can’t wait to watch those two again!


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