I simply cannot recommend highly enough this video showcasing the brilliant, shamanic genius of Nick Cage.


Can Clooney Clinch It?

With a couple of weeks to go before the Oscars, empireonline.com have placed their bets for who will take home the coveted Best Actor man-trophy (statuette; I’m talking about Oscar) at the Academy Awards. Here are their reasons for and against Mr Clooney’s performance in The Descendants:

Why He Should Win:

The smile, the charm, the irresistible charisma, how good he looks in a grey suit: who could resist voting for George Clooney?

He’s really very good in Payne’s film, toning down both the looks and the charisma to play a man in difficult circumstances but trying to soldier on regardless. He won the National Board of Review prize for the role already.

He’s won Best Supporting Actor previously, but it seems odd that such a huge figure in the town doesn’t also have a Best Actor statuette.

What Might Stand In His Way:

He didn’t take home the SAG prize, losing out to Jean Dujardin for The Artist. And while Alexander Payne is good at getting his stars nominated, none have yet won.

It’s a tiny bit obvious to give it to Clooney, isn’t it? Handsome and all as he is.

He has one Oscar already and is nominated for his Ides Of March screenplay this year as well. There’s no rush: the man’s going to produce more great work next year, we’re sure.

To see the full list, click on the link http://www.empireonline.com/features/oscar-nominations-2012-best-actor/p2,

Is he looking quietly confident? PICTURE: empireonline.com


Animal Cruelty

We Bought a Zoo is filled with animals, naturally, but I haven’t really mentioned any of them. So in honour of the animals who get off quite easy in the movie by being spared a Bourne style whupping, here’s an empireonline.com feature celebrating insane movie treatment of animals. Enjoy

Animals vs Humans

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