The Mask, on its 20th anniversary

I just watched The Mask again, one of my all time favourites as a kid. I made my grandmother watch this once and I feel terrible now. Because it probably was totally not her thing. But also, I’m sorry, ouma, because it’s still oh so good. Here are a few rambling thoughts…

– Cameron Diaz. In that dress. And that dress. And the last one. Holy shit.

– The dance number between her and The Mask. It’s actually quite good. Like Pulp Fiction good. (Too far?)

– It’s so much fun. Not just the whole surrendering to your id thing. But Jim Carrey is awesome. Especially when he’s hamming it up where he’s wounded or getting arrested. And the dance number with the swat team in the street. It’s irresistible.

– Ok, so why don’t people in the movie make more of a big deal out of the fact that this guy moves really fast and has a freakish appearance?

– How much of it was just make-up? The Mask character looks hella good. And we should remember that’s still mostly Carrey. Fantastic.

Anyway. There’s the part where he pulls a used condom out of his pocket that Also deserves a mention. I never caught that as a child. But turns out I still love it. The whole surreal masterpiece.