Masterful master not masquerading

With so many big ticket movies failing to live up to the initial hype (I’m talking to you, DKR) or like a really, really boss trailer (unfortunately, I might unwittingly be referring to Cloud Atlas), here’s one that might go the distance. I have to say, with each day’s passing I become I bigger fan of PTA. Here’s an interview about his upcoming The Master to whet your appetite. And I include the quote from Michael Hogan, because, just read it…

“The Master” is Paul Thomas Anderson’s sixth film, and something about its surety and magisterial beauty — coming on the heels of the epic, Oscar-nominated “There Will Be Blood” — has created a consensus view of him as America’s best working filmmaker, if not the world’s.” – Hogan. The Master is out in SA on 7 December (SHOCKING!)


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