Tom Cruise is alright in my book.

So Tom Cruise might be a weirdo, and I’ll even avoid a movie that he’s headlining if I have nothing else to go by, BUT that certainly isn’t to say the man hasn’t done his bit for cinema in years gone by. This topic came up recently at a social gathering where the general thesis was that there isn’t really that much of his worth giving a shot. Well, not true. Not counting the Mission Impossible franchise, which is pretty fun, and his very funny cameo in Tropic Thunder, here are five Cruise gems in chronological order that’ll make you jump up on your couch…

You ready?

Risky Business

Vintage Cruise. It don’t get any more iconic than him dancing in his underpants… also, there’s the adventure of the parents not being home and everything going a little pear-shaped with a hooker. It’s not soft, and a lot of fun.

Rain Man

Beautiful, touching piece where he plays alongside his card-counting autistic brother Dustin Hoffman. This’ll break the hardest of hearts.

Born on the Fourth of July

Really powerful drama about a Vietnam war vet from Oliver Stone.

Jerry Maguire

If you can’t love this movie about a sports agent that goes it alone, you’re dead inside and might as well be dead to me too… I mean, it had me at… whatever the first line was.

Minority Report

Underrated Spielberg colab based on a Philip K Dick short story. Intriguing and thought-provoking, sci-fi at its best.