Celebrity death match, Oscar special: Marilyn vs. Maggie

At least some of the Academy voters will like Michelle Williams’ hot display as Marilyn Monroe, but will it be enough to take down the iron lady of Hollywood, Meryl Streep? I would be delighted if it is. Here’s empireonline.com on Williams’ chances as well as her competitors:

Why she’ll be going home with Oscar

This is Williams’ third nomination and second in as many years. Who’d have thought Jen-from-Dawson’s-Creek had it in her?

It’s a terrific turn that gets under the skin of an icon and plays both her vulnerability and strength – and icons don’t come any bigger than Marilyn Monroe.

Williams has won a huge number of critic’s awards in the pre-season and was nominated at SAG too. She’s hit the campaign trail too, giving interviews and good red carpet throughout the last few months.

Why she might be stood up

She didn’t win the SAG award, which might mean that her acting brethren aren’t really behind her.

As with The Iron Lady and indeed The Help, the film is perhaps not quite as good as its star’s performance. (on a personal samovieguy note – while true, this should be a moot point)

Can anyone really play Marilyn Monroe well enough to make Hollywood happy? Is that even possible?

To read the full feature on the other ladies’ prospects, follow the link: http://www.empireonline.com/features/oscar-nominations-2012-best-actress/p5


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